Decoupage Ideas

Just so you know, Decoupage is the timeless Japanese technique of decorating and creatingDecoupage Ideas using thirty layers. Now days, we don’t always use thirty layers and most of the designs we use come from magazine or paper cut outs instead of the fancy rice paper and other expensive papers that were one time the norm for this craft. Today most Decoupage Ideas are the art of pasting or gluing different designs to furniture or boxes while using various special effects such as gold leaf or different painting techniques. Between layers, a coat of varnish is added to avoid a “stuck on” look. Accordingly, multiple layers of varnish are applied.

Decoupage Ideas are tremendously popular craft ideas right now. There are dozens of techniques being used that are dependant on the different types of pieces being worked on. It has many times been called the “poor man’s art”. There are many different items that can be used with decoupage and I actually feel it safe to say that just about anything can be used in Decoupage Ideas. Many times, people use napkins, stickers, newspaper clippings, scrapbooking papers and sometimes even  scraps of fabric.

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Sharing Decoupage Ideas is a great craft idea to pursue with friends and family. You can trade decorations and spend hours together working on various projects and just spending time together. Let me share some ideas with you to improve your decoupage crafts.

1. Decoupage projects are usually messy. Keeping a damp cloth close by will let you keep your hands clean so you don’t get all your working tools dirty.

2. Even though decoupage means “to cut” in French, it will usually work better for you if you tear your papers or pictures instead of cutting them out. Doint this will make your designs look much more antique. In addition,  they have a tendency to lay more flat for you if you tear than if you cut them.

3. If you plan to use photos or original documents, make sure you make copies of them to use instead of the originals.  Also on this point, never make your copies on an ink jet printer as the copies will smudge or run when you use them.

Decoupage Ideas4. One if the biggest factors in decoupage success is that you purchase a straight edge cutter and sharp utility knives. This will insure that your pictures come out looking straight. You should also use the best scrapbooking papers you can for your Decoupage Ideas.

5. Always give each layer appropriate time to dry before starting your next layer. Failure to allow enough drying time will give you a sloppy and unfinished item.

Now that you have the tips you need to be successful with your Decoupage Ideas, your projects should turn out fantastic!

Decoupage Ideas