Craft Ideas for Adults

Crafting people are able to come up with arts and Craft Ideas for Adults from itemsCraft Ideas for Adults that most people would consider junk! Craft ideas can be found in baby food jars, paper bags, shoe boxes, cds, and egg cartons and many other items used everyday and found around the home. When you put together craft ideas from things you already have in your home, you can save money from not always having to purchase supplies from the craft store, and you also help the environment by recycling these items.

Shoe boxes are used in many Craft Ideas for Adults and children! The ideas you can come up with for show boxes are endless. From box guitars to bird houses, you name it, you can make it. Craft ideas using shoe boxes are virtually endless and are limited only by your imagination. Shoe boxes can also be used for more traditional things like decorative storage boxes and treasure boxes for kids.

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Another common item that sparks tremendous creativity are CD’s. CD’s are perfect little circles and they are bright and shiny, perfect for crafting. They also come complete with a pre-punched hole in the middle for threading string or twine to create a perfect hanging or dangling craft. Some common ideas for CD’s include Christmas ornaments, candle holders, dreamcatchers, photo frames, clocks and magnets. To get started you will need a CD’s that no longer works or that you no longer need and you can use this to make many different fun Craft Ideas for Adults!

Craft Ideas for Adults Remember those clear, 35 mm film canisters you get your film in? Those are great for many Craft Ideas for Adults. Just take a bit of mirrored paper board that you can pick up at a local craft store, add some cake sprinkles and plastic wrap and you have a micro kaleidoscope. Take the film canister and drill a small hole in the bottom. Then you fold the mirrored paper into a triange and tape it inside the canister. Put a few of your cake sprinkles inside the lid of the canister and tape some plastic wrap onto it. Now place the lid back on the film canister. When you look through the hole at the bottom of the cannister and turn the film cannister in your hand, the sprinkles will create  and change shapes against the mirrored kaleidoscope. Isn’t this a great craft idea!

Craft Ideas for Adults can come from anything. Those old, empty jelly jars make fantastic beach scenes in a jar, a time capsule, or a beautiful, easy to make candle holder.

Common, everyday household items often inspire your creative thinking. Just think outside the box, and you could very well surprise yourself with how many arts and crafts ideas you can dream up!